Monday, 13 June 2011


I'm watching Masterchef Australia and Heston Blumenthal is setting the 'elimination' dish. The 4 chefs are competing against each other to recreate Heston's dish. The chefs have to recreate the dish from only looking/eating it. Hestons chosen dish? A FUCKIN HAMBURGER. I love hamburgers. Hamburgers + Heston = blisss.

Heston's giving them tips - they have to make the cheese, the sauce, patty & bun from scratch. The chips are cooked 3 times & the milkshake is fizzy. Weeeee. He told them to let their imagination go wild and remember the UMAMI principles!

Whenever I travel, I love to try the local burgers. Asian countries kick ASS for burgers. Japan & Singapore specifically. No London pub burgers are equal (mmmm). Grill'd burgers in Australia are delicious, with their secret herb sauce....Anyhoo, ode to burger:

Bompas & Parr (aka the jelly mongers) hamburger made with a freaken krispy kreme original glaze doughnut

In & Out burger


Japanese FRESHNESS burger

The Hand Burger in Singapore.

The Hand Burger in Singapore. The flavors were amazing. This burger is actually miniature.

Japanese MOS burger. They're tiny and delicious. I had way too many.

This kind of looks gross, but I'd still eat it. Kobe beer, truffles and foie gras

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