Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fruit - Foods - Nature

This looks delicious. I love hamburgers. I would say that hamburgers are my favorite food. Hamburgers from all different countries. I love Japanese chain Mos Burger. Singapore had most excellent upscale hamburger boutiques. Melbourne has Grill'd. London has Gourmet Burger Kitchen & pub burgers. Drool.

Fruit - I'm so glad to be back in Australia, if only for the fruit! Amazing variety, freshness & deliciousness. I virtually stopped eating fruit in England, but made up for that back here. Mmm, look at the dragonfruit & juicy watermelon. Can't wait to scoop out a kiwifruit.

Mmmm, Bompas & Parr, the jellymongers. 2 creative young men whose main medium is jelly! They create amazing sculptures, glow in the dark jellies as well as other food experiments/art installations. They also have created feasts, with highly experimental menus. From their website: "Bompas & Parr designs spectacular food experiences often working on an architectural scale with cutting edge technology.  Projects explore how the taste of food is altered through synaesthesia, performance and setting. " They also provided expertise to Heston Blumenthal on his Feast series - not a surprising fact, as B&P's food feasts often have a Victorian era theme, resurrecting long forgotten recipes. Its worth looking at their website !
Emma Bridgewater. I love her pottery due to the amazing graphics.

More Bompas & Parr. The boys also tour the world, often recreating famous landmarks with jelly. They've recently toured Australia (& Melbourne).
Awsmazing Viktor and Rolf gown - look at the cut outs! This is nothing, the whole collection is similar, but with even more crazy dresses. She looks like a delicious fluffy dessert.

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